Steve Van Zandt’s wife tells Jennifer Lopez to ‘f–k off’

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This E Street Band rocker’s wife was born to run her mouth off on Twitter.

Maureen Van Zandt showed Jennifer Lopez who was Boss Thursday night after the singer-turned-actress struggled to remember Bruce Springsteen guitarist Steve Van Zandt’s name during an “American Idol” contestant critique.

“Really @JLo needs to f–k off,” Van Zandt wrote in a since-deleted tweet, according to Billboard.

Lopez had been delivering a lukewarm review of aspiring singer MacKenzie Bourg’s “I Want You to Want Me” cover when she forgot the name of the mentor who’d helped him retool the Cheap Trick tune.

Maureen Van Zandt (r.) did not take kindly to Jennifer Lopez forgetting her husband's name on air.WireImage ; WireImage

Maureen Van Zandt (r.) did not take kindly to Jennifer Lopez forgetting her husband’s name on air.

“I would have loved to hear what you did originally, before, uh …” the “Shades of Blue” star trailed off with a querying look to her fellow judges. “Mentor?”

Keith Urban offered up “Cheap Trick” before helpful Harry Connick Jr. suggested “Steven.”

Van Zandt defended Little Steven online — by challenging Lopez’s own musical prowess.

This is Steve Van Zandt.Peter Kramer/AP

This is Steve Van Zandt.

“Shows how little homework she does. Or how little she retains. And Stevie did not do that arrangement,” she reportedly sniffed. “She knows nothing about the rock world. And is a music judge?”

The “Sopranos” alum later stuck to her guns but cooled her tone, even making time for amicable chats with protective J.Lo fans.

“I see it this way. She gets $ 20 mil to do a job. If she doesn’t know the name of the mentor that is not doing her job,” she wrote to one.

“You seem like a nice person. Sorry I offended you,” she added. “You must understand I will always defend my family & friends. It’s instinctive.”

Lopez has not publicly responded to the E Street drama.

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