On Jon Hamm’s birthday, his best roles before ‘Mad Men'

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Jon Hamm appeared on an episode of the dating show "The Big Date" in 1995.Lighthearted Entertainment via YouTube

Jon Hamm appeared on an episode of the dating show “The Big Date” in 1995.

Before he was Don Draper, Jon Hamm was just like you.

Except, you know, far more attractive and probably more talented.

As the handsome “Mad Men” actor turns 45, we take a look at where he started — and just how bad his hair used to be.

“Gilmore Girls”

The fast-talking Lorelai Gilmore was too much for Hamm’s boring, car-obsessed character from “Gilmore Girls.”

She even turned down tickets to a David Bowie concert to get away from him.

“Ally McBeal”

Hamm was just a hunk of meat in the second episode of “Ally McBeal.”

In 2008, Hamm was embracing man bangs.Evan Agostini/ASSOCIATED PRESS

In 2008, Hamm was embracing man bangs.

Calista Flockhart’s Ally points Hamm out as a hot guy by the bar, but he doesn’t even get a chance to talk.

“CSI: Miami”

Hamm had a whopping two-episode role on “CSI: Miami” in 2005, when he played Dr. Brent Kessler.

The doctor’s accused of incompetence after he left a sponge in a woman during surgery, before it’s revealed that he left the operating room early because of the side effects of ecstasy, which he was taking to stop the tremors from his Parkinson’s.


In 2005, Hamm appeared in a season seven episode of “Charmed” as Jack Brody.

Jack and Ruth, Kyle’s parents, were murdered by Aku, a Celerity Demon, in front of their son, fueling Kyle’s desire to pursue demons.

092015112041Jordan Strauss/Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Seen here at the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards in September, Hamm is now the good-looking man known to millions.

“Sarah Silverman Program”

Hamm played “Cable Guy” in a 2007 episode of “The Sarah Silverman Program,” in which he barters for free movie channels.

Silverman and Hamm have been friends for years, and the comedian even said she had a chance to be on “Mad Men.”

“The Big Date”

In 1996, a 25-year-old Hamm appeared on dating show “The Big Date” to try to impress a woman. His perfect date included fabulous food, fabulous conversation and a fabulous foot massage.


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