OK Go releases new video shot in zero gravity

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It’s out of this world — literally.

Pop rock band OK Go released a new video, and this one has heads spinning because it’s shot in zero gravity.

Filmed over Russia, “Upside Down & Inside Out” offers a full three minutes of weightlessness.

“What you are about to see is real,” according to the intro text that opens the vid.

“We shot this in zero gravity, in an actual plane, in the sky. There are no wires or green screen.”

At first, it’s not apparent the video features anything unusual. It opens with the band in a plane, seated and typing away on their laptops.

The band starts tossing things around — and they float. Then, the band floats. Soon, things get even more fun, with disco balls, aerialist acrobat hostesses, a bucket of colorful bouncing balls and splashes of paint.

The video was shot in an airplane flying parabolic maneuvers to create short bursts of weightlessness, up to about 27 seconds tops.

After each zero g burst, it took the plane about five minutes to recover and prep for the next round, according to the band’s FAQ page for the video.

OK Go released their new music video for “Upside Down & Inside Out,” filmed in zero gravity.OK Go

OK Go released their new music video for “Upside Down & Inside Out,” filmed in zero gravity.

Because of those recovery periods, the video took about 45 minutes to film — but it was all done in a single take.

Before and after each bout of weightlessness, there is a brief 20-second burst of increased gravity.

“These are most easily understood as the periods when the plane is throwing everyone up out of their seats into weightlessness, and then catching them again when it ends,” the FAQ explains.

“In this video, the first scene, in which we sit waiting and then do the goofy laptop dance, was performed while we were experiencing double gravity, just before the beginning of the first weightless section.”

The video also ends with a bout of increased gravity.

“When the last weightless period ends, at 3:20, the paint we’ve splattered all over the plane comes raining down with double force as we are all pressed into our seats,” the site says.

All the up and down of parabolic maneuvers can cause some nausea, and the band reported that between the crew and passengers there were “58 puke events” over the course of the filming and practice.

The video was posted to Facebook Thursday morning and by Friday morning it had amassed 25 million views on Facebook and around 200,000 on YouTube.


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