Mobb Deep's Prodigy — Record Label Will Pay Six Figures IF He Tweets

Posted on Mar 1 2016 - 9:04am by

0229_prodigy-tmzOne half of Mobb Deep and Universal Music have squashed their legal beef, but if Prodigy wants to get paid … he’s gonna have to jump on Twitter.

According to docs, the rapper and Universal’s publishing arm reached a settlement — he had sued for back royalties, accusing the label of skimming revenue from his solo work.

Under the settlement, Universal Music Publishing Group will fork over $ 153,751.21 to Prodigy’s lawyers … with one string attached. Prodigy must publicly declare the feud is over, with this specific tweet: “My dispute with UMPG was all a misunderstanding. Thankful that we resolved it quickly and happy to be continuing my long-standing relationship with UMPG.”  

That’s over 140 characters, so it’ll be a two-parter — but when you see it, know that Prodigy got paid.

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