Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ video without song goes artsy

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It only took a total lack of sound for Miley Cyrus to seem artistic.

YouTuber Chloe Erb stripped the audio out of Cyrus’ classic “Wrecking Ball” video, adding in squeaking chains, groans, and random lyrics. The effect? The strangest performance piece you’ll ever see.

On her Twitter page, Erb says the sledgehammer-centric video was the final project for her sound design class at DePaul University, admitting it’s “probably the most awkward thing I’ve ever created.” The video’s success has gained Erb over 4,500 subscribers since she posted it March 25.

chloererb/via Youtube

Released in 2013 as the second single on Cyrus’ fourth studio album “Bangerz,” “Wrecking Ball” would become her first No. 1 single in the United States. Likewise, the music video broke Vevo’s 24-hour record for views, the swinging singer racking up 19.3 million hits in a day.

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