Krasinski and Kimmel’s Christmas prank war rages on

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This year, John Krasinski beat Jimmy Kimmel to the holiday punch.

“The Office” alum jumped the gun in the latest installment of his ever-escalating Christmas prank war with the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host — even though it had been Kimmel’s turn to get him.

Krasinski’s mischief played out in a series of clips airing on Tuesday night’s show, which revealed he’d suspended a pants-less Santa Claus outside Kimmel’s window, released a live reindeer into his dressing room and eventually transformed the host’s office into a polar bear statue-filled North Pole before ambushing him dressed as a life-size Nutcracker doll.

“This is my greatest joy about this year’s prank,” he told Kimmel gleefully. “That we alternate, and I robbed you of the joy.”

Not to be outdone, Kimmel revealed some footage of his own: He’d meticulously cut out photos of Krasinski’s face, pasted them onto hundreds of fluorescent posters heralding a “celebrity yard sale” at the actor’s real address, and hung them up all over Los Angeles.

Kimmel had "one other little surprise" for Krasinski: eggnog.Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kimmel had “one other little surprise” for Krasinski: eggnog.

The sale, which claimed to offer memorabilia, appliances, autographed items and sex toys, was scheduled for Wednesday at “6 a.m. sharp.”

The “License to Wed” star’s face bore a mixture of amusement and horror as he realized he might find hordes of fans squatting in his yard the next morning.

“You know when you forget to laugh because all you’re thinking about is like, ‘This is going to be so awful,'” he joked.

Kimmel had “one other little surprise” for his pal: a deluge of eggnog dumped from the ceiling. A sopping wet Krasinski climbed into the late-night host’s lap, and the two hugged it out.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski continue their holiday prank wars with Jimmy Kimmel on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on December 15, 2014..Jimmy Kimmel Live

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski continue their holiday prank wars with Jimmy Kimmel on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on December 15, 2014..

The episode marked the former neighbors’ fourth year pranking each other. In years past, Kimmel gift-wrapped Krasinski’s entire home, and the “It’s Complicated” star and his wife, Emily Blunt, turned Kimmel’s house into a winter wonderland.

“I don’t know how we ever put a cap on this,” Blunt said last year. “We’re going to keep doing this until we’re dead.”


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