Conan O’Brien and Steven Yeun star in hysterical K-pop video

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A new music video may hint that “Walking Dead’s” Glenn has been killed off and that he is now in K-pop hell.

Conan O’Brien and actor Steven Yeun, who visited South Korea last month to film a segment for the late-night talk show, went through a full K-pop make-over complete with guy-liner, metallic blazers and neon bell-bottoms.

The duo during the trip became the stars of J.Y. Park’s (also known as Park Jin-Young and JYP) new music video for the single “Fire,” where they end up in K-pop hell in their quest to find a good party.

Yeun and O’Brien down K-pop kool-aid from what looks like Jim Beam bottles, and then spit fire while singing along to the electronic pop track.

J.Y. Park "Fire" feat. Conan O'Brien & Steven Yeun & Jimin Park Official M/VTeam Coco/via Youtube

J.Y. Park “Fire” feat. Conan O’Brien & Steven Yeun & Jimin Park Official M/V

The video even incorporates Conan’s famous “string dance,” with the talk-show host, the “Walking Dead” fan favorite and JYP leading a pyramid of back-up dancers in the hip-shaking choreography.

At the video’s end, the trio bursts into flame and turn into dancing skeletons.

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